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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Tips for Camping Tent

Tree sap, caked dirt, sand, and small pieces of leaves and twigs may all be found in the internal and/or or external parts of a camping tent after use. These may have been brought in by the occupants of the tent. The more occupants who used the tent, the dirtier it is going to be, which is family tents tend to be dirtier. Thus, dirt and debris must be immediately removed even before packing the tent and heading home. However, for the sake of regular maintenance, you also need to clean your tent after each trip. Taking care of the tent entails doing some degree of cleaning, proofing, and repairing.


Cleaning refers to the removal of debris and dirt that may have accumulated from your previous camping trip. First, choose a sunny day during which you can clean the tent. It is important that the tent be allowed to air dry after cleaning. For a more thorough clean up job, set up the tent as if you are on a camping trip so that you can clean it from inside out. Sweep off the dry dirt if present. Then, dip a large sponge in a pail of soapy warm water and then squeeze the excess water out. Wipe all the surfaces of the camping tent repeatedly until all visible dirt and stains are removed. If something has dried on the surface, do not use a sharp object to remove it; soften it first with the soapy water and gently scrub it off. Afterwards, hose off the suds and allow the tent to dry.


Another good way of taking care of a camping tent is through proofing, in which you will be spraying the tent with a protective chemical solution that will penetrate the fabric for added protection against the elements. Proofing large family tents may take some time so it is a good idea to plan free schedule before doing this. Once the tent has dried thoroughly after cleaning, fill a sprayer with a universal protector and adjust the nozzle to ensure even coating; a coarse spray is preferred over a fine mist. Next, spray the entire tent, including seams and corners. Remember that the goal is to wet the tent fabric but not saturate it with water. After spraying all the surfaces, allow it to dry for as much as 24 hours to allow the silicon to “cure.”


When not fixed right away, small tears could lead to bigger damage in the future. Thus, it is important that mending and repairing procedures be performed immediately. The main idea behind preventive repairs is to avoid larger rips and tears from the small ones you have noticed. For large tears, these must be patched with the right type of repair tape. Cut strips of repair tape with a two-inch allowance on all sides to withstand pressure and movement. It is also a good idea to place the tape on both sides of the tear. Generally, to repair rips and tears, you can use a ripstop repair tape or a seam sealer for nylon tents.

Upper Mustang Trek

Trekking in Nepal is transforming in a big way. A lot of people believe hiking the Himalayas is just for the rugged types who relish roughing it. In 1953 that happens to be true when Mt Everest was 1st ascended and Nepal trekking did not subsist. Now, there’re new ways to explore the Himalayas; luxurious accommodations for those people looking to relish the sights with a little comfort; hikes that emphasizes much on scenery and culture; and new lodges and home stay in Nepal for those who wish to unwind and get underneath the Himalayan life. However, in this article, we will talk about why Upper Mustang Trek is the best when it comes to trekking adventure in Nepal.

Let me tell you that Upper Mustang was restricted province up till 1992, but now foreigners are welcomed to this area by paying a permit fee of US$ 500. The Mustang province of North-central Nepal is different from any other region in the nation, as it’s classified by its desolate, windswept bumps of mountain desert soil, all shades of purple, pink, gray and brown. Journey to Upper Mustang, Mustang’s political and cultural hub, is exceptionally tough. The Upper Mustang hike brings travelers into the concealed sphere of the ancient Buddhist monarchy of Mustang.

Upper Mustang trekking is a rare privilege and you shouldn’t miss it. Here you’ll get to discover how mountain people live their life actually, who weren’t much in contact with the rest of Nepal for many years. In several ways, a hike to Upper Mustang is identical to hiking in Tibet, as topographically it’s a part of the Tibetan plateau. Until 1950, the province of Mustang was a desolated monarchy inside the perimeters of Nepal. Lies in the rain-shadow of the grand Himalaya, Upper Mustang makes way for an ideal monsoon trek & open throughout the year for hiking. The major worry is the winter, when a majority of inhabitants depart the capital to ignore the snow and cold. Usually the ideal time to travel Upper Mustang is from the month of March to November. Like Annapurna trekking route in Nepal, teahouses are accessible all through the hike in Upper Mustang. Teahouses are plain homes, often the house of the household that operates them, and provide essential meals in a shared dining hall along with bedrooms, generally with 2 single beds.

Advantages of Outdoor Adventure Camps

Camping holidays are extremely exciting and adventurous. The family can go for camping holiday and escape anywhere. If you want your kids to experience something new and out of the ordinary, you should consider adventure camp. They are sure to treasure the experience for the lifetime.

Most adventure camps are education-oriented. It is an alternative to teen summer camps. There will be an adventure program where the students get introduced to new surroundings and culture. The travel program acquaints them with nature and the natural surroundings.

With the Outdoor Adventure Camp, a family can go for longer walks out to the wild and check out nature and the true habitats. One can also make way over to the lakes and water bodies to swim and indulge in fishing. Spend your day zip lining if you find an adventure park. You may tour or move around the trees which is really a fun activity. Spending your day in a tent is really exciting.

Outdoor summer camp is the fabulous way to enjoy summers. Some of merits include complete fun, adventure, clean air, spotting wildlife, no interruption, no traffic and no pollution. You will breathe in cool and fresh air. If your son is free for the entire summer and is troubling you or is hyperactive, you can consider summer camps. It will act as good learning experience and you will also have him under your feet. A camp is usually organized by the concerns that is safe but teaches the child to be tough. As the name signifies, a lot many adventurous activities are also included within the program. A combination of camping activities are included like canoe trips, zip lining, boy paddling, swimming, fishing, wildlife spotting.

Boys paddling camp are mostly organized from time to time. You can check online to find the organizers. But, you need to speak with the representative so that he works out a suitable time or place for your child. Your child will be picked from a location and taken to the camping site. For such a trip, there is no need to carry any special clothes or equipments. Organizers of camping trips take utmost care of the ones taking part. If your son or daughter loves water sports and activities, you must certainly look forward to paddling camp tour. Kayaking is already an adventurous and a fun activity.

If you are inclined to send your kids to a camping trip, check online for the organizers. To have a better idea about the camping concept, visit the office of the tour organizer.

Adventure in Annapurna Base Camp Trek

There’re not many treks that merge innumerable diverse landscapes & bring people so near to the base of 7,000 & 8,000m peaks in such a small span of time as the ABC trek (Annapurna Base Camp).

The Annapurna Base Camp trek is no doubt one of the most renowned treks in the Annapurna province. The route goes next to terraced rice field, lush rhododendron jungles and high-altitude sceneries with the Annapurna in view a majority of the times.

The surrounding of ABC at 4130m is unique & unbelievably stunning, set amid the grand summits of Annapurna South (7219m), Annapurna I (8091 m), Hiunchuli (6441 m), and Machapuchhre (6993 m).

The ABC trek needs seven to twelve days, relying upon your itinerary & duration of hiking days. The itinerary generally takes twelve days, beginning from Nayapul (a 1/2 hour ride from Pokhra) and going north up to Ghorepani and the popular standpoint at Poon Hill. From Ghorepni travelers move east side to Chomrong & then northward again getting into the Modi Kola Valley which guides up to the Base Camp.

A lot of people hike the route Nayapul-Ghorepani-Ghandruk-Nayapul, which’s pretty rewarding in itself. This hike can be accomplished easily with kids also.

You can return through Jhinu Danda and offer your fatigued muscles a well-deserved rest in the pleasant hot springs. When you return it’s worthwhile touring one of the traditional Gurung villages of Landruk or Ghandruk.

The hotels or lodges at the Annapurna trekking province are well-furnished with widespread menus varying from the classical Nepali dahl bhat to chau mein and pizzas. You can also find hot showers inside these lodges. If you’re planning to hike during the winter season don’t forget to check with a trekking agency to make sure which lodges are open for accommodation.

The Annapurna trekking province is accessible easily with diverse trailheads starting just one or 2 hour from Pokhra. Amid Machapucchre Base Camp and Himalayan Hotel there’s a danger of avalanches so ensure you’ve the recent info regarding trail conditions before setting off for trekking in Nepal or hire a skillful guide.

You can accomplish the Annapurna Base Camp Trek independently but it is recommended to travel with a group to make your trekking experience more enjoyable. Trekking in this region can be done all the seasons but the winter period give the trekker an extra appeal since the massive rhododendron forests are in full bloom.