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Camping Gear a Family

Here are camping gear that would ensure you would be a happy camper.

Bring a durable family tent

When it comes to comfort during camping, size does matter. The roomier, the better but look for a tent that can be easily erected. Always make sure there is enough room not only for the whole family but also for your things. Most veteran campers love to use dome tent or cabin tent for families. They provide more headroom and it is just the right type especially if it rains. If you have no choice but to stay inside the tent, it is better if you can stand inside your family tent.

Sleeping bags for everyone

Each member of the family should have one sleeping bag. The thickness of the sleeping bag will depend on the climate and the season. If it is too hot, make sure you do not buy any camping gear specifically made for winter camp. The same goes if you go camping during colder months, do not make the mistake of bringing sleeping bags meant to be used during summer. You may die of suffocation or hypothermia. Use your common sense.

The very essential sleeping pad or air mattress

Camping grounds are not perfectly even. Some are rocky or pebbled and so it would be so uncomfortable at night if you only use sleeping bag. Place a sleeping pad or air mattress under the sleeping bag and you are guaranteed not to have any body pains in the morning. Just do not forget to bring an air pump so you can inflate the mattress easily to your preferred thickness.

Flashlights and Lanterns

Whether you are planning to go camping on a popular campsite or get adventurous and just go anywhere, do not leave the house without your flashlights and lanterns. Just make sure you try them on before packing to check if they are still working properly. Place new batteries on them and bring spare ones as well. Pack enough fuel supply for your lanterns so you can have light during the evenings as much as you want.