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Upper Mustang Trek

Trekking in Nepal is transforming in a big way. A lot of people believe hiking the Himalayas is just for the rugged types who relish roughing it. In 1953 that happens to be true when Mt Everest was 1st ascended and Nepal trekking did not subsist. Now, there’re new ways to explore the Himalayas; luxurious accommodations for those people looking to relish the sights with a little comfort; hikes that emphasizes much on scenery and culture; and new lodges and home stay in Nepal for those who wish to unwind and get underneath the Himalayan life. However, in this article, we will talk about why Upper Mustang Trek is the best when it comes to trekking adventure in Nepal.

Let me tell you that Upper Mustang was restricted province up till 1992, but now foreigners are welcomed to this area by paying a permit fee of US$ 500. The Mustang province of North-central Nepal is different from any other region in the nation, as it’s classified by its desolate, windswept bumps of mountain desert soil, all shades of purple, pink, gray and brown. Journey to Upper Mustang, Mustang’s political and cultural hub, is exceptionally tough. The Upper Mustang hike brings travelers into the concealed sphere of the ancient Buddhist monarchy of Mustang.

Upper Mustang trekking is a rare privilege and you shouldn’t miss it. Here you’ll get to discover how mountain people live their life actually, who weren’t much in contact with the rest of Nepal for many years. In several ways, a hike to Upper Mustang is identical to hiking in Tibet, as topographically it’s a part of the Tibetan plateau. Until 1950, the province of Mustang was a desolated monarchy inside the perimeters of Nepal. Lies in the rain-shadow of the grand Himalaya, Upper Mustang makes way for an ideal monsoon trek & open throughout the year for hiking. The major worry is the winter, when a majority of inhabitants depart the capital to ignore the snow and cold. Usually the ideal time to travel Upper Mustang is from the month of March to November. Like Annapurna trekking route in Nepal, teahouses are accessible all through the hike in Upper Mustang. Teahouses are plain homes, often the house of the household that operates them, and provide essential meals in a shared dining hall along with bedrooms, generally with 2 single beds.